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We offer topic masters for each chapter of a subject. It helps you master a chapter in just 30 minutes. Each topic master transforms a whole chapter into a lucid story. Reading a topic master is like reading a story. Finishing a story means completing a chapter but without realizing that. A topic master is a nice looking pocket book. 12 – 15 such books can give you the gist of entire subject in 20 hours. Concepts are illustrated using daily life scenarios. You shall find concepts “easy to remember and difficult to forget”. You can use them as stand alone learning resource, as the booster for class lectures and as quick revision book before exams. You can also find them great companions in your struggle with fatty textbooks

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It covers the complete syllabus of class-10 of ICSE syllabus. Most of the chapters have been split into two books. Language: English Number of topic masters: 12 Publisher: Hootaks Learning Pvt. Ltd. Format: Paper Back

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CBSE Class X-PHYSICSView Details

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